Assassin Pack V3.1 Bedrock Edition

VERSION 1.14-1.16

If you are interested in seeing what V1-2 Includes, Click here. After the success of Version 1 & 2, I present you Assassin Pack V4 [V3 is in it, No separate download] Some of the textures are custom made & other things I used can be found inside my video given below. Again, I mainly use this pack for my well-Known Bond survival series.

V3.1 Fixes

  • Sound Glitches Fixed.
  • Easy Access UI for Hide HUD & Hand
  • Change person viewpoint with a new GUI
  • Better player animation in Third person view
  • New start screen Interface
  • better resolved setting options.

V3 Changelog

All V1-2 Changes Plus:

  • Dark theme & design Revamped
  • Food shows hunger points
  • Clean GUI & Custom Made Inventory Slots
  • scaffolding top removed.
  • Brewing stand guide inside brewing stand itself.
  • Netherite & Its tools retextured to make it more cool & attractive [Gold & diamond texture with netherite]
  • Infested Block has its own texture now.
  • Shield with Enderman texture.
  • Rework on Normal Glass
  • In Creative spawn eggs are with there mob textures on it.
  • Potions are with there effects in inventory to make it clearly visible.
  • Clear redstone components. Like hopper, dropper, dispenser, redstone repeater, redstone torch, comparator, rails & much more! everything revamped for quality life changes
  • Respawn anchor & soul campfire retextured.
  • All type of chests, Jukebox, End portal, Enchanting table & Daylight sensor are more clear
  • All Work Stations are redesigned to make it more clear & easy to work with
  • Connected String & Soul torch retextured.
  • Improved Java Sounds & other sound fixes.
  • New Breaking Animation [Changed, Not loading bar]
  • Few other minor changes

Extra Quality of life Changes for Pocket Edition People

  • Quick Craft in crafting bench, player crafting, Stonecutter & everything which needs quick crafting, revamped with no bugs [separate button for doing it]
  • The inventory button is hidden
  • Separate Sub pack if you want to hide all the buttons.
  • Now Circle Does Not Show up if you touch or Break Anything

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Bohat acha kam kiya he assassin


Bro thanks this time you upload it to media fire pls upload all your stuff again in media fire bec I can’t download with drive bec it show error and it lags so much when I download something from drive pls make all to media fire pls



Dark Knight

Sir best pack🤩. Utk ko piche chor fiye


Zip mere device me kaam nahi karta toh pack use kaise karu


Bro it doesn’t work, it keep showing “error mojang [hud] doesn’t exist” in any world/server/realm whenever we switch item in hotbar


Bro how can we ignore it just comes comes and make me iritate bhai jaldi ane fix karo v4 jaldi lao jema aa fix hoy love from your stat (gujarat)


Assasin idk why but I can’t enter the media fire and I know that it’s not Internet prob what will I do??

Harsh verma

Bro please help whenever i open game its says UI error unknown texture pack on top left corner always and whenever in worlds or server i hold iten its says the same things and when i open settings its says not found please help how do i fix it? Its very very annoying

Harsh verma

Nah it still happens its very irritating 🙁 i cant use the texture pack for this reason 🙁


There is no open option

Nothin special

The pack is overall really good but there is just one problem that if you have the pack on with badtiger client than it shows error and doesn’t work but overall the pack is good.

It's Assassin Fan

Nice pack but sir make this pack on Java Pls pls


Plsss broooo java ke liye do na same pack plsss bohot log request kr rhe hai including me plsssssssss bana do ya batado kaise banate hai

subhendu bera

When I click save and exit button then there some glitches on saving world skin

Mcpe With HB

Food does not shows hunger point please do something


Piglins zombified piglins and hoglins Zoglin spawn eggs are not tweaked


Not working with


Bhai download karlia lekin minecraft import ni kar raha


pls some one tell me how to convert this to java edition resource pack

Yash Vyas

It is not importing it shows failed to import assassins tweaks v3

Gaming boy2

Bro mere mobile Mai frame rate unlimited rakhne se lag ho Raha hai I have 2gb ram de vice Mai kitni fps use karu?



Aditya sharma

Food show hunger points not working 10 time re-download ker lia nahi ker raha work


Is there any way I can get thick redstone dust.(smooth redstone dust)

Harsh Patel

Add a button into chat for rewrite the previous command

Harsh Patel


Royal rycon

Pls improve diorite texture


Bro thanks for this amazing pack I love it.


Bro i can not download it from your mediafire. please give the link in drive


Bro where is the link

Mann soni

I want to join your bond my gamertag is
PhonicDart18325. Pls join me


You are best


Where is the download option LOL