Manhunt Java Edition Plugin 1.16 [Nether Compatible]

What is Manhunt You may ask?

The Manhunt is a hide-and-seek [Hunter vs Runner] based game to play in Minecraft. Two teams are pitted against each other to fight to the death. The Prey gets a head start to prepare by gathering materials and crafting tools. The Hunters are released after some time of the runner [just like seeker counts for hider to hide before going], with the goal of eliminating all Prey. The game ends when either runner team is eliminated or if they beat the game. To understand this more clearly, just watch one of my videos from my hunter vs runner series.

Plugin Commands

The one and only command this plugin has is /setrunner [playername]. just give hunters a compass and it will start tracking the runner.

More about the plugin, its features and how it works

This plugin was made by abhi255, It was a custom made plugin – inspired by a well known YouTuber named Dream. It is specially made to work in the Nether.

how it works is very simple. If the runner is in a different dimension other then the hunter, the compass will show the coordinates of his last location [i.e. portal location]. Just to make it more simple. here are some cases.

Case 1: if speedrunner is in overworld and hunter is in nether (Shows hunter his last location).

Case 2: if Speedrunner is in the nether & hunter is in the overworld (Shows hunter his last location).

Case 3: if both are in the nether then hunter can track speedrunner (normal).

Case 4: if both are in the overworld then Hunter can track speedrunner (normal).

If the hunter dies, his compass gets removed, and automatically gets a new one on the re-spawn.

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