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My YouTube Video of MiniGame with this Plugin

A Minecraft 1.18/1.19+ Spigot Plug-in, written for Minecraft Java Edition version 1.18 and up! Note that it is not made by me.

This plug-in is intended for use in closed groups, i.e. with your friends on your own server. Contact the developer if you are looking to put this on your public server. His Discord server where you can post your concerns or requests is here!

Commands and usage

Bingo Card Viewer

To get started, use the `/bingo` command, after which a menu will open that you can use to join or leave the game.
To actually start the game you have to be OP and use the command `/bingo start`.
Admins also get access to the settings in `/bingo`.
To end a game prematurely, the `/bingo end` command can be used.
Finally, if during the game your Bingo card has been lost, use `/bingo getcard` to get it back! When you obtain the right items the task should be completed immediately. If this is not the case you can complete items from the card by throwing them out of your inventory (using q when holding an item or dragging them with the mouse outside of the inventory slots).

Plugin Features:

  • Play in 3 different game modes!
    • Regular
    • Lockout
    • Complete-all
  • Choose between 4 separate kits!
    • Hardcore
    • Normal
    • Overpowered
    • Reloaded
  • Choose between a card size of 3×3 or 5×5 for quick or longer games!
  • Choose between 16 teams, based on Minecraft’s beloved colors!
  • Create your own bingo cards using the card editor! By default it will use a separate list (that can be edited if you wanted to), containing about 150 unique items from the game.
  • Aside from collecting items you can also win tasks by getting the right advancements!
  • Due to it’s teleportation at the start, it’s a great way to explore the new terrain generation that 1.18 brought to the game!
  • Team Chat! you can use /btc to toggle team chat on or off when a game is in progress.
  • Several Effects! You get constant water breathing, fire resistance, and night vision. You get ‘speed 1’ when holding the bingo card in your hand. 
  • Basic permissions! By default, players will be given the `bingo.player` permission and OP players will be given the `bingo.admin` permission. A player can just join and leave a game while an admin can also change settings, create cards, etc.

Play bingo in 3 Different game modes

This plugin has 3 separate ways to play bingo with your friends.

  • Regular, this is the bingo everyone knows about. Be the first to complete 1 line going horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win the game!
  • Lockout. Be the first to complete the majority of the card to win. But there is a catch, items that other teams have gathered cannot be used again!
  • Complete-All. Be the first one to complete all items on the card. Complete-all games can be pretty long if you have made a hard card!

Choose between 4 separate kits

The game host can choose a kit that will be used by all participants.

  • Hardcore. Some people might call it the classic or the only way to play bingo. This kit gives you nothing but the Card!
  • Normal. A slightly more forgiving kit, gives you iron tools and some food.
  • Overpowered. Your tools are upgraded to Netherite! You also get access to the Go-Up-Wand!
  • Reloaded. Same as overpowered but you also get an Elytra that (practically) doesn’t break!

The Go-Up-Wand

This item allows the user to teleport themselves high into the sky when right-clicked. this item can be used to get a better view of your current area or to get out of caves quickly. But be warned, there is a 5-second cooldown on using it! This item makes firework rockets obsolete when using an elytra.

Create your own bingo cards using the card editor!

This plugin includes a way to easily create new cards without messing around in the configuration files. Using the commands /card and /itemlist you can assemble your own card configurations and then directly use them in the next game!

If you use the `/bingo creator` command and click on “Edit Cards”, you can create a card by clicking on the emerald. A menu will come up where you can add item lists to the card. 

Each list has a maximum and a minimum number of times an item from it can appear on the card. This will allow you to have varying rarity between the item lists you create. 

*If all the numbers on the added item lists don’t add up to amount of slots on the card (i.e. 25 for a 5×5 card) the rest will be filled up from items in the default list.

To add new task lists, use the `/bingo creator` command and choose “Edit Lists”. In the list editor, you can pick from every block in the game with one exception being stained glass panes. Make sure the items you select will be available during the game or no one can ever win 

For changelogs and updates, go to GitHub of the Creator.

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