5 Scary Facts About Minecraft


1. About The Vindicator

The Vindicator is an aggressive mob, it wields an axe and will sprint to reach its poor victims. These Mobs will attack players and villagers but are normally passive towards other mobs. However, there’s something weird about the vindicator.

You can change its passive behavior by renaming it. As with other name Easter eggs, you have to name it something specific for it to work. In this case, Johnny. When renamed to johnny, the vindicator will be aggressive towards anything that comes near! This easter egg is likely a reference to the psychological horror movie “The shinning”.

In the horror movie, a woman is being chased by an insane man with an axe, she ends up locking herself up behind a bathroom door…The man smashes part of the door with the axe and pushes his head through. He then looks at her and yells: “HERE’S JOHNNY!” This became by far the most iconic scene in the movie.

This is why the vindicator has to be named Johnny for it to work.

2. Halloween Update

The Halloween Update was a humongous update for Minecraft Alpha back in 2010. This update introduced the Nether, Biomes, jack o’Lanterns, and more! However, did you know? dying torches was also a feature that was meant to be added. This meant that all torches would burn out over time…you would never be able to have the same feeling of being safe. Evil mo would eventually spawn everywhere, including your base! Permanent light could be achieved using lanterns, something they planned to add. If you did not have those, you could reignite troches using flint & steel.

Thankfully, they didn’t have time to implement all these features. The idea of temporary torches was later officially rejected.

3. The Mystery of Disc 11

Disc 11 is the broken music disc you might have listened to once before, It features a very creepy soundtrack of someone who seems scared of something. Running is heard followed by the sound of a monster, and then the recording ends. While listening to this soundtrack is creepy, It’s even creepier to look at.

This can be done by making a spectrogram, a visual representation of all the sounds. Doing this shows what looks like a face & the number 12418. Many believe the face is Herobrine’s, but this is not confirmed nor denied. One theory states that the numbers visible in the image is the autograph of C418, As 12 is hexadecimal for ‘C’ and the numbers, therefore, say C418.

4. Ghast Sound

The creepiest mob sound in the game might be that of the ghast. However, the sounds have a not so creepy source…C418, the creator of many of the Minecraft sounds, have revealed that the sounds come from his per cat.

These are the sounds it makes when disturbed while sleeping. Obviously, the sounds have been distorted quite a bit!

5. Origin of Enderman

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge nowadays but endermen are a reference to a creepy being, The Slenderman. It is a character that became extremely popular in 2009. He is known for stalking or traumatizing people, especially kids.

The Slenderman appeared in several video games. often having the ability to teleport. In the most popular of these video games, looking at him would make him murder you.

Both of these quirks, as well as his name, results in the enderman.

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Bhai slenderman ki first picture mujhe achci thi aur skyblock towers adventure ki video lao na please please