Hardcore Mode Addon [1.19+]

Hardcore Mode Addon [1.19+] FOR BEDROCK EDITION Fend off the dangerous mobs of the night time! Seek shelter that gives safety, and discover resources as you replenish your hunger. Engage to the Java-exclusive yet Hardcore Mode– all on this add-on!…


ActualGuns 3D Addon

ActualGuns 3D Addon FOR BEDROCK Do you want gun addons? like all-time popular ActualGuns addon, what about making an attempt one thing new? Such as 3D Weapons! Then you should definitely try ActualGuns 3D, this addon is available for Minecraft…


One Player Sleep Addon

One Player Sleep Addon FOR BEDROCK EDITION Conveniently pass through the dangers of the night on a multiplayer world! Suitable for multiplayer use, and is intended to work for Realms. Very simple, and lightweight add-on to use. This Addon was…


Hunter vs Speed Runner Addon

Hunter vs Speed Runner Addon FOR BEDROCK EDITION This addon is a similar recreation of Dream’s Speedrunner Versus Hunter plugin, which is called a preferred “Manhunt” youtube collection on his channel! The goal of the sport is for the Speedrunner to kill…


Bond Season 3 Addon Download

Have you seen bond members playing or what we can say using some of the features, which do not come with vanilla Minecraft and you wanted to try it yourself? Well, I present you with the Addon pack of Bond Season 3.


Deathswap Ultimate!

Deathswap Ultimate!  BEDROCK MINI-GAME ADDON Based on the original game by Sethbling, this version of Deathswap can be added to any world and played with an infinite amount of players in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft! You must try to…


Block Shuffle Ultimate

Block Shuffle Ultimate MINI-GAME BEDROCK ADDON What is Block Shuffle? Based on the game created by GeorgeNotFound and Dream, Scommander made this amazing addon called 'Block Shuffle Ultimate' In this Mini-Game, You are given a random block you must find…