7m Speed Parkour Challenge Map


Up for a speedy parkour problem? Try beating this 5-Area Map in beneath 8 minutes! Venture from the Plains to the Ocean to the Nether and discover odd parkour levels!

So you have decided to tackle the problem? Well! Why don’t now we have a quick showcase before getting onto the map?

Before starting, you can be given a choice to play in Timer Mode. If you do so, you’ll be given a 7-minute timer! Note: This map was made By thatguyzers

You begin off within the Plains

To the Birch Hill Gap

Then onto the ocean (with a sneaky factor to look out for)

To the Nether

And an odd End!

Now, we Amplified the Nether and the End with

The Paneful Transparency

And the Ice-lands


– Added a course on the Nether Section and the End Section.

– Amplified a number of the Java Features

– Added an additional minute to compensate with the amplified map

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Nice 👌 I like it