Entity Vision Resource Pack


This is a useful resource pack which lets you see all mobs, gamers, chests, and different entities by way of partitions. It’s very light-weight and it doesn’t make use of any shaders or customized textures. This pack in 1.16, only shows Mobs & paintings. So Do not worry about X-Ray cheats. I do understand that just a few of you might get upset with the release of this pack so please take a while to learn additional down.

How does it work?

As quickly because the useful resource pack is enabled it is possible for you to to see by way of all kinds of blocks (apart from End and Nether Portal blocks). The issues it is possible for you to to see are mobs, gamers, chests and different entities reminiscent of work and minecarts.

This pack can be utilized to assist in particular farms, like drowns in ocean whereas making creeper farms, what entities inflicting drawback close to your farms and many others. Note: Please do not use this pack as a Cheat, Try to not use it or simply use it whether it is needed. If you might be utilizing it in a realm or server then please do take permission of the proprietor earlier than utilizing it.

Don’t fear although. Server owners can protect their servers against this as it can otherwise be used for cheating.

How to block this on servers?

Servers and realms most certainly need to shield themselves towards gamers utilizing this useful resource pack.

1. Create a resource pack that contains the vanilla entity.materials and terrain.materials information

2. Make it necessary for gamers to make use of useful resource packs to join your server / realm


1) Download useful resource .mcpack

2) Open Minecraft

3) Go to Settings > Global resources > Activate pack

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