Chunky Torch Resource Pack


What this Resource Pack do?

This resource pack or what you can say shader pack shows you the boundaries of each and every chunk inside Minecraft. Every chunk consists of 16*16 blocks in there x and z-axis. using this pack could be helpful in various things like in the servers which require you to claim land on the basis of chunks, making of farms, finding specific chunks for slimes, etc. Note: This pack was made by Fizz Cannon, you can check out his video on this here. If you are interested.

This pack does not only show it to you but it also separates the x & z-axis by red-blue color lines. This could be very helpful if you are making a farm that needs precision like Gold farm & creeper farm. These farms even focus on the direction of the build.

This does not get over just now, there’s more. You may know spawning and de-spawning mechanics got changed in the 1.16 Update of Minecraft, Mobs now spawn anywhere within 25 to 44 blocks. Well, this pack does also provides you with that spawning radius as you can see below.


1.  Click “Download Pack” Button given below.

2. A mcpack file will start downloading, once it has done

3. Go to Downloads, open ChunkBorder.mcpack with Minecraft. If you are unable to do it, use another file manager.

4. If done properly, Minecraft will start And it will automatically start importing the resource pack.

5. Now, you can start using it, If you face any glitches like the world, not loading or something sort of that, please deactivate any other texture pack or shader you are using just while using this pack.

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