Bond Season 3 Addon Download


Have you seen bond members playing or what we can say using some of the features, which do not come with vanilla Minecraft and you wanted to try it yourself? Well, I present you with the Addon pack of Bond Season 3. Bond S3 Addon pack comes with a lot of mods and features like one player sleep [for multiplayer], custom trades of wandering trader, mob & player heads & much more! It comes with behavior & a resource pack which you can activate before entering the world. Note that, this pack was made with the help of Foxynotail’s Amazing addons and behavior packs. you can check out yourself by clicking here.

Addon Features

Player & Mod Heads

You may have seen bond members using their player heads for pranking, trading & much more that sorts of stuff. These heads are not wearable [Limitations of Bedrock] but you can sit on them. well, using player heads became possible because this addon can have custom wandering trader trades. currently, the addon is set to have 3 head trades each time you see a wandering trader.

If you would kill any mob, there is a chance that drops its head. you can change the drop rate of mob heads, player head trades, and even change the head textures with your own if you know how to do it in the behavior & resource pack folders.

Custom Wandering Trader Trades

As I already mentioned, because of custom wandering trader trades, getting player heads was made possible but not only that, you can set whatever else you want and as many trades as you want. It currently has a custom trade of thunder block which you can buy for 5 blocks of diamonds, and what that does is when you right-click using it, it starts raining with thunder striking. well, this is only one of the many possibilities you can do with this addon.

One Player Sleep

This addon also comes with one player sleep mod. what that means is if you have more then one player on your server or realm, you don’t need everyone to skip the night, only one can do the job. It also comes with a custom message you wanna show in action bar of the players.

Biome Detector

Sometimes, you don’t get which biome is it, especially, when you are new to the game. well, that’s where this addon comes handy. It also has a biome detector mod in it. Just hold a regular compass in your hand and it will show you what biome you are standing on. everything works the same for the compass, just it shows the biome name in the action bar of the player using it.

Other Features

There are some other extra stuff like block textures, entity fixes and one of the things we use for our camera accounts, spectator mode.


1.  Click “Download” Button given below.

2. A mcaddon file will start downloading, once it has done

3. Go to Downloads, open Bond S3 mcaddon with Minecraft. If you are unable to do it, use another file manager.

4. If done properly, Minecraft will start And it will automatically start importing the behaviour & resource pack.

5. Now, you can start using it just remember to activate it before entering the world, enjoy!

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Keshav Bansal

Bro my name and your name is same wow what a co incedence and thanks for the mod specially for custom trades keep it up and make a bedwar video pls pls


Hello I am big fan and pls tell how to Speed runner vs hunter in bedrock edition


How did i can add this addons on server of plz reply