BadTiger Client V3.0


BadTiger Client is also a well-known client made for fps boosting and PVP players, It was inspired by a well know java client called ‘Badlion’, Also currently one of the best bedrock/Pocket edition Client. This includes particles, custom textures, custom in-game music, and GUI features All included in a pack itself. It is personally my favourite client after Astral.

Main Client Features

Homescreen Revamp

Just Like Astral client, BadTiger Client also has its own custom made Homescreen & logo with a clean GUI.

Settings Screen

They completely made the setting screen clean and easy to configure. They even added a Music player in-game for music lovers.

PvP Aspects and Mods

This Client Includes whatever you will ever need for the PVP aspect of the game – java HUD [chat & no inventory button], Always noon, No animations, Low Fire, Opaque Water, Clear Glass, and a whole lot more!

Clean UI

Badtiger Client has one of the best and cleanest UI in Minecraft Bedrock Edition! Clean chat, emote wheel, and everything which can enhance gaming looks.

Language Support

Badtiger Also has Tens of language to select from, so that you can understand & play better

Other Tweaks

They have made the slightest things to the biggest things tweaked to improve your user experience- changes in lower hand, particle rendering, clean scoreboard and much more!

For More Info, Join there Discord

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