Tag Multiplayer Addon (Dream & George Ultimate Tag Recreation) 


Inspired by Dream and George’s Ultimate Tag video,
Scommander has recreated tag inside of Minecraft Bedrock which allows for INFINITE PLAYERS, 2 tag modes, and options to keep the tagger a mystery.  This addon will make it easy for you and your friends to hop in a world together and play a load of games of tag – trust me it can be freakin’ terrifying being chased…

In spite of how this addon is, I will like to say – Please check out Scommander‘s YouTube Channel. He is an amazing creator, And I will really appreciate your support towards him. I personally loved his work and used each & every addon he made And that is the reason why, his addons are credited on my site too. That being said, here is his video on this addon if you are interested in checking out how it works.

Here is a list of the commands you can use inside of the game for reference:

“/function cmd/teleport_random_locations” This teleport the player who types the command to a random location in the world.
“/function cmd/start_game_here” – Attempts to start the game where you are starting.
“/function cmd/reset_leaderboard” – Resets the leaderboard on the sidebar
“/function cmd/disable_tagger_message” – Turns off the tagger message in chat
“/function cmd/enable_tagger_message” – Enables the tagger message in chat
“/function cmd/enable_infection_mode” – Changes the gamemode to INFECTION
“/function cmd/enable_default_mode” – Changes the gamemode to DEFAULT

And finally:

“/function start_tag” – Teleports you to a random location and attempts to start a game of tag.


1. Click on the download link

2. Download & open the file

3. It will start importing the mcpack

4. Start the world with the addon And you are done, enjoy!

for more help or support, you can join his discord here.

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Wow! Noice

rahul sharma

Bhai apne website me about us me galat lika ha 50k nhi 60k ho na chayae @assassin @rahulsharma


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