One Player Sleep Addon


Conveniently pass through the dangers of the night on a multiplayer world! Suitable for multiplayer use, and is intended to work for Realms. Very simple, and lightweight add-on to use. This Addon was originally made by Foxynotail.

This pack lets all players activate one player sleeping which means that on worlds with more than one player online, only one player needs to sleep to pass the night. To activate, just sleep in a bed.

One-Player Sleeping

This add-on implements a feature that only requires a single player to sleep, just to skip to dawn– not all players in the world. It’s just a simple, and cool little add-on but could be useful for Multiplayer in most cases!

It’s just your ordinary Minecraft day. You come back home and just sleep through the night. Just use any ordinary bed at night, and it’ll work.

Add-On compatibility:

In Realms & Servers: should work on the Minecraft Realms & Bedrock Servers As we were using it in the Bond realm & later on the server.

LAN Game: neither requires Experimental Gameplay nor Education Edition. Cheats must be enabled, and can only be applied by the world’s host.

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Prattay ROY

Dear @assasin please add mini blocks addon on your website

-Your subcriber Prattay


there is an error in assasin pack V5 of UI bedrock edition


does everyone on the realm need the add-on, or just the host? There don’t seem to be installation instructions or anything that makes this clear, and some of my players are on consoles, which means they won’t be able to add a pack the way Windows 10 Bedrock players can.