Hunter vs Speed Runner Addon


This addon is a similar recreation of Dream’s Speedrunner Versus Hunter plugin, which is called a preferred “Manhunt” youtube collection on his channel! The goal of the sport is for the Speedrunner to kill the ender dragon and beat Minecraft earlier than the Hunter hunts them down and kills them! If you don’t know much about this game, you can check out video on that [Note: It was played in java but it just works the same in bedrock too]

Finally, us because the Bedrock Edition gamers can expertise this problem!

There are two Different Gamemodes: 1) Speedrunner Vs Hunter 2) Speedrunner Vs Juggernaut

The two-game modes are precisely the identical, besides that the juggernaut receives full netherite armor and a netherite sword. This may pose an fascinating and tough problem! Hunters/Juggernauts additionally obtain a compass with the intention to “track down” the Speedrunner! Only two instructions are required to arrange!

Speedrunner Versus Hunter

Type “/tag <player> add speedrunner” & “/tag <player> add hunter” to become runner and hunter correspondingly

Speedrunner Versus Juggernaut

Type “/tag <player> add speedrunner” & “/tag <player> add juggernaut” to become runner and juggernaut correspondingly

There might be multiple hunters however sadly, no a number of speedrunners because of bedrock limitation. Note: This addon was made by jesser101 (Owner of PixelPlay MAPS). If you need any help, join his discord here.

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I don’t understand why I come only and comment and still thanks bhai achcha to hum sone chalte hai good night sweet dreams
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ninja gaming

bhai nice h magar sirf server me hi kam karta h realm ya multiplayer world me nhi

Assasin ki chaddi

how to use this on aternos