Block Shuffle Ultimate


What is Block Shuffle?

Based on the game created by GeorgeNotFound and Dream, Scommander made this amazing addon called ‘Block Shuffle Ultimate’ In this Mini-Game, You are given a random block you must find within a certain amount of time or you fail. Play alone or compete against your friends to see who is the last one standing. SIngleplayer and multiplayer compatible and works with infinite players. Change whether players get different blocks or the same, adjust the maximum time to find your block, and have a ton of fun with your friends!​ I personally Used this addon and made a video on it too. you can see addon features and learn more about it through Scommander’s YouTube Channel or watch my video given below.

Plugin Basics

Step onto the orange carpet to enter the join team and press start to begin the game. By default, you have 7 minutes each round to find your block and stand on it. Anything put in the chest in the lobby will be given to players when the game begins. Press the button on the command block for more information in-game and to see how to change the timer.


  • Click on the download link
  • Download & open the file
  • It will start importing the Addon
  • Activate it before entering the world And you are done, enjoy!

for more help or support, you can join his discord here.

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